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Training | Guidance

Make $ Acting


Einstein once said that everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Who we are is not "found". Is is accepted. And given the opportunity, we can thrive! 


When embarking on a journey, it's best to work with someone who already knows the way. 


Using short stories from real life experiences, proven strategic advise, & Industry wisdom, the Make $ Acting podcast is the most powerful advantage any actor can have in this business. Knowledge is power.

Coaching & Courses

Members Only: 

Membership allows you to attend our live streams; giving you the chance to interact with us & address specific situations. It's like having a personal manager & professional mentor on your team!


Whether you're starting out or you've already achieved a degrees of success, we can help you build, maintain & expand your professional career by providing you with a solid understanding of the business; its expectations & protocols so you can keep making money acting.

Private Coaching

One-on-One private Audition Coaching for a specific audition.

Actors Guidebook

Soon to be released book on the Top 10 reasons why actors fail & how to succeed instead. 

Career Consultation

One-on-One counseling and guidance specific to the individual actor.

Audition Technique

Online course you can take any time. Provides industry insight on the audition process + actual tools & technique to help you analyze a script & deliver during the audition. Sure to help you rise above all the rest.

Industry Pre-screen

Get you name on the top of the list. This allows actors the ability to submit a virtual audition presentation for Casting Directors of TV, Film & Theatre Projects

Meisner Repetition 

Online Meisner based Repetition exercise to develop and actor's ability to listen & respond & react; bringing the moment to life authentically & naturally.

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