The Ultimate Guide to helping actors book more auditions:


 Designed to fit your schedule as well as your budget.

Scheduling Options:

1) Full 6-hour intensive with a half-hour break for lunch.

2) Part 1 for the 1st 3 hours; Part 2 for the 2nd 3 hours scheduled on a different day. Class sizes are small and are set up to fit your availability.

Intensive Fee: $125 (can be paid in 2 installments if needed.)

Class Breakdown:

Intensive Breakdown:

1st Half consists of Meisner Repetition Exercise & more.

2nd Half is devoted to all things Audition providing over 10 tools to help the actor interpret the Sides, Camera work & Feedback, Slate, Interview & more. Sides provided.


  • For Acting Auditions: One-on-one Audition Coaching

    • Guidance to help the actor 1) flesh out the scenario & character as intended 2) bring the actor's unique perspective to the character 3) ​help the actor make choices that will help them stand out from the crowd.

  • For Musical Theatre Auditions: One-on-one Song interpretation/Acting of the song

    • Guide the performer in personalizing the songs to bring them to life.​


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Before the interview