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company president


A true Star-maker, Henry Ravelo has, himself, excelled in a variety of different areas within the entertainment industry. His perspective & expertise has had an invaluable impact on the careers of those who aim to shine in the Business. 

He is considered by many a respected leader in the LGBTQ+ community not just for his courageous stance on issues of concern but also for his advocacy for marginalized Talent to have the same fighting chance as their counterparts in more commercially viable ventures. This dedication to diversity, especially gender inclusion, has granted him the freedom to flex his muscles in the Industry in ways he never thought possible. He is among the first to successfully expand the careers of many transgender Talent and the top queens of the Multi Emmy Award Winning show, RuPaul's Drag Race, with more mainstream ventures such as Acting in Television, Film & even Theatre. What ultimately makes Henry unique in the field is that his success is not based on someone else's accomplishments. All the eggs do not come from the one basket.


Driven by passion, Henry is a Broadway, TV & Film veteran who began his career as a professional actor with credits that include the original production of MISS SAIGON and National Tours of SOUTH PACIFIC with Robert Goulet and ANYTHING GOES with Mitzi Gaynor. On TV, he pleaded with Brooke on ALL MY CHILDREN, plotted with Asa on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ran the Spaulding yacht on THE GUIDING LIGHT, and photographed Laura on LOVING. He kidnapped the wrong child on THE EQUALIZER on CBS (the original). And on Film, he played Alberto on MASQUERADE with Rob Lowe but ended up on the cutting room floor when he played a ballet dancer on Brian De Palma's CARLITO'S WAY with Al Pacino.

When the AIDS epidemic hit in the 80s, he began producing benefit shows to raise funds for care & research & bring awareness to those stricken with the virus.

His move into Management came at the height of the High Fashion era; serving on the Men's Board of the agency that created the 1st male supermodel. With his background in Acting, he quickly rose to Entertainment Director; becoming the go-to guy for models who wanted to diversify. His expertise guided several clients; advancing their careers in series Television and Film.


As a Master Audition Coach, he is proud to have worked with many award-winning actors, and nominees. An intriguing fact: Henry also served as Audition Coach for the winners of Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA; oddly enough, under the ownership of the man who was to become the 45th president of the United States.

As a result, he is even more steadfast in respecting the old adage, "With great power comes great responsibility." Where many singularly strive to generate revenue, Henry aspires toward service. Making a difference in people's lives connects the dots needed to achieve a more fulfilling & ultimately successful life. He strives for excellence in his work with Artists & Projects to expand our perspective of how we see our world, other people, and ourselves. 

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