6  Degrees Worldwide Entertainment is a media consulting firm catering to Entertainers, Influencers & various consumer-based Companies. 

Our goal is to connect our clients to opportunities that expand visibility, increase revenue & promote longevity in the Industry. We leverage our relationship with a team of professionals to maximize their brand to its full potential in the marketplace.

Our history-making accomplishments are widely recognized. Wisdom, passion & creativity make us an invaluable member of every clients' team.

company president 

Henry Ravelo is an Actor, Creative Producer & Entertainment Consultant with over 40 years of professional experience in the Industry.  A star-maker throughout, he was able to not only make his own acting career a success at a time when there were few opportunities for diversity, but he was also instrumental in the ushering in of the era of supermodel models turning into TV stars, Drag Race queens performing in scripted shows & transgender talent paving the way towards a more balanced representation in the media. 

As an actor, Henry made his name on Broadway, TV & Film. Credits include the original production of MISS SAIGON, every Soap Opera shot in NYC (including the soap, LOVING on ABC) and an eclectic mix of movies from EATING OUT, the cult classic about aliens who came to earth to eat Italians (which actually aired on HBO) to Carlito's Way starring Al Pacino (where he was cut from the ballet class sequence even after a week of shooting from dusk to dawn). To this day, he still receives residuals from his work on The Equalizer on CBS & Masquerade with Rob Lowe. 

His first forray into production came by way of producing fundraising events for BC/EFA.

His move to Management started in the height of High Fashion; serving on the Men's Board of the agency that created the first male supermodel. 


This position led to opportunities as a Master Acting Coach for award-winning actors and nominees and coaching the winners of Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA.

Henry Ravelo is genuinely grateful for the many opportunities he has received in life & is enthusiastic about using his talents to open even more doors for us all. 

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