Company President: Henry Ravelo

"Human behavior has always fascinated me but at its core lies the motivation to address the question, "Why for some but not others?" So I sought out possible answers; challenging perceptions & broadening minds along the way. At times, I was able to open doors that have been previously closed. Other times? Well, I'm still working on it."

Henry Ravelo has over 40 years of experience in this Industry; truly bringing a uniquely wise perspective to the Business with creativity, expertise, and passion. Known for developing and maintaining successful careers many times over, he began by achieving professional success with his own acting career. 

Henry made his name on Broadway, TV & Film. Credits include the original production of MISS SAIGON, every Soap Opera shot in NYC (including playing one of the first gay characters on national TV on the soap, LOVING on ABC), and an eclectic mix of movies from EATING OUT, the cult classic about aliens who came to earth to eat Italians (HBO) to CARLITO'S WAY starring Al Pacino (where he was cut from the ballet class sequence even after a week of shooting from dusk to dawn). To this day, he still receives residuals from his work on The Equalizer on CBS & Masquerade with Rob Lowe. 

When the AIDS epidemic hit in the '80s, Henry started producing events to help raise funds for those in need. His move to Management started in the height of High Fashion; serving on the Men's Board of the agency who created the first male supermodel. This position led to opportunities as a Master Acting Coach for award-winning actors and nominees as well as the chance to coach the winners of Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA.

Now, he is known for breaking boundaries by expanding the careers of many top Transgender Talent & RuPaul Drag Race queens in highly respected projects on Television, Broadway, Regional Theatre, and Film.

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Company President: Henry Ravelo

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