Drag Race:*

*In specific areas, 6 Degrees works alongside respected colleagues who also rep Drag Race queens such Brendan Voss & Vincent Cooper.



Influencers, Personalities & Hosts:


American Idol:

  • Ada Vox (TX) Divas & DJs


America's Got Talent:

  • Prince Poppycock (CA)


Local NY Queens:

  • Jackie Cox

  • Juicy Lu

  • Sundari, the Indian Goddess

  • GigiBiggest Drag Queen in the Philippines Instagram


Celebrity: Some are on a per project basis or we work with them only in specific areas of their careers. Each is handled individually. If there's a celebrity you want to consider for your project, we will do our best to make that happen. 


Developing: Many are matched with appropriate talent agencies in NY & LA. Each choice is subject to a number of variables.