Live Productions

We book celebrity Artists in solo, review & packaged shows for the clients as well as others who may be represented by a collegue or associate. 

Artist Booking

  • Various RuPaul Drag Race Artists

  • Ada Vox - Amnerican Idol

  • Boy George - Recording Artist

  • LeAnn Rimes - Recording Artist

  • Jordin Sparks - Recording Artist / American Idol

  • Blake Lewis - Recording Artist / American Idol

  • Jonathan Allen - Recording Artist / AGT

Packaged Booking

  • Angels in America's Patrick Andrews One Man can Make a Difference!

  • Various RuPaul Drag Race Artists  in Concert

  • Various RuPaul Drag Race Comedy Queens

  • Queens with Cox with Judas as Gaga, Derrick as Britney, Coco as Janet, Morgan as PINK!, Delta as Adele and Alexis as Liza.

  • Bussom Buddies with Darienne Lake & Mrs. Kasha Davis

  • Various Broadway Talent in concert.